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Read below to find out more about our new community outreach initiative



The COVID-19 global pandemic has resulted in significant impact to minority and underserved communities in the region we service (Prince William to Caroline Counties). The Rapphannock Area & Prince William Health District’s have worked diligently to address the public health needs in these areas, but it became apparent over the last 2 years, that active, committed engagement from houses of faith and other non-profit organizations was required in order to reach communities and people that the Health Districts were unable to reach due to manpower shortages or absence of relationships/trust. As Word of Faith began to partner with the local Health Districts, it became clear the effort was both necessary and valuable as we saw improvements in COVID-19 testing and then vaccination numbers and we saw a significant need for food that was able to be addressed. Sustainment and scalability of these efforts regarding public health awareness, food insecurity mitigation and youth education is essential and are the driving factors behind the need for The Faith Community Healthcare Outreach Program.

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